EF #16.1 – Value

EF #16.1 – Value

I hope it is not too late for me to take a part in BEC’s challenge this week. Because it is the first challenge in 2016, I think it is a good start to make a change, especially about the consistency to keep writing in my blog. So, straight to the point, my word for this 2016 is VALUE.

Why is value?

Because I wish I can see great value of everything that happened in my life. When I am going to do something or to decide a choice, I wish I can see its value as the main criteria. Like when I prefer being lecturer than being others, I hope I can always remember the value behind the reason I chose it. Or whenever bad or good things happen in my life, I wish I can see the value of it, beyond the happiness or the sadness in that happening itself. Or maybe when I am going to choose to marry with someone, I hope I can value him as my spouse, as my leader, as my best friend, as someone that I really love and respect.

So that is all about my word for this 2016. How about yours? Hope your word can enlighten your life ahead! 🙂


4 thoughts on “EF #16.1 – Value

  1. So this is about value as both noun and verb, isn’t this? 😀
    And I’m wondering more about you that you mentioned about being a lecturer. So, hello from a fellow lecturer! 😀

    1. Exactly yes mba Vita 🙂

      Long story before I finally decided to be a lecturer..so, hello too mba Vita..I think we must have more chat about this story of “being lecturer” hehe…salam kenal juga ya mba vita 🙂

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