EF#10 – Gulai Asam Durian!!!

Holla Readers!!!

Finally, I’ve decided to join BEC. So this is my first challenge and I am so nervous since my English is bad. And the topic of this week challenge is about Indonesian food. Writing the name of the food in English is my first trouble. I confuse to write the name as “Gulai Asam Durian” or “Asam Durian Curry” since I saw dictionary, gulai is called curry in English. But in my thought, curry is like “kari”, something that you eat with “Roti Cane”. Okay, rather than stuck in this thing only, I finally write it still as “Gulai Asam Durian”

So here it is. The Indonesian food that I like most is Gulai Asam Durian. Have you ever heard about the food? It is made from durian *some of made from stale durian or people usually call it “tempoyak”*, water, mill garlic and chili. Yes, the ingredient is as simple as that. You can put fish or chicken as main protein. The food is original from West Sumatra I guess. But some articles said that the food is original from North Aceh. Whatever it is, this food is absolutely Indonesian food. Since I don’t have the picture of the food, so I took a picture from here. You also can get more complete recipe from it.

gajebocttThe taste of this food is the mixing of sour-sweet-spicy flavor. I can’t describe how it is tasted because It only can be tasted by your own tongue. It will whet your appetite. Just one word, delicious!! Just imagining it make me starving now. Whenever I come back home, I always ask my mother to cook it for me. I can eat almost two plate of rice up if the dish is Gulai Asam Durian. My mother, younger sister and brother also love this food so much, except my father. We have to put this food far away from him because he dislike the smell of the food.

If you want to try cooking this food, you must prepare some ingredients, namely :

  • Durian, separate it from the seed.
  • Fish or chicken
  • Water
  • Mill garlic
  • Mill chili
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Bay leaves

First, put some durian, mill garlic and mill chili on pan. Then add some water, fish or chicken, salt, sugar and bay leaves. Stir it once in a while and wait until it is boiling and the fish or chicken is well cooked. Voila! This is it. Gulai asam durian is already done to be served. It can be served with hot rice.

With Love,

Salam Semangat!!!

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    1. Tempoyak is fermented durian mas Ryan. Yes, it’s lil bit spicy, depending on how much mill chill that you put when cook it. Are you okay with spicy food?

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