First Messy Writing (in English)

First Messy Writing (in English)

Holla Readers !!!

Suddenly, I really wanna write a post in English version. Even I know, I have very bad grammar and poor vocabularies *I don’t care, I hope there will be a kind person who wants to correct my writing*. You know what, I need more than 15 days to think, what story I will write and tell to you. This morning, I tried to browse and read the articles about “how to write an article in English” and I also read some articles written in English. The result ?? Yes, I am still confused.

First, I thought I would write and tell you about my lovely hometown, Lubuk Basung. I want you to know, that Lubuk Basung is a pretty place. But I can’t find any suitable and interesting words to say about it, even so many things dance on my mind about how peaceful and wonderful my hometown is. It’s so natural and make me feel like home *of course, that’s my HOMEtown*

And I planned to show you a picture taken by my cousin in the back of my house. Here it is.

So green, right? You can see that from my back porch. When your eyes are so tired of “seeing” the rush and tons of activities, when your ears are so tired of hearing the noisiness, just sit there. While drinking a cup of tea, just breathe deeply. Refresh your view and feel that God really loves you by giving you such fabulous world to life.

Second, I planned to tell you about my feeling right now. I can’t wait to go home !!!!! I just feel like there’s someone over there call my name, ask me to go home as soon as possible. I just feel like there’s a huge longing that bound my mind and my heart there.

Yipppie, tomorrow night, I will go home. MUDIK, like the people say. I will celebrate the Eid Al-Fitr, my victory close to my parents, my lovely sister and brother and my family. I will hear Takbir fill in my hometown air, let them also fill in my heart, let them shake my heart with the tears of my sins and with my longing to the God.

That’s completely enough, more than enough.

And finally, I want you to know. This is the house that I miss, where all of truthful love and affection reside.

*please correct if there’s any wrong in my writing*

With Love,

Salam Semangat !!!


10 thoughts on “First Messy Writing (in English)

  1. Waow.., Hijauuuunya..
    Belakang rumahnya natural banget, jadi tak mengherankan bila ini dirindukan.
    Semoga perjalanan ke Lubuk Basung selamat sampai tujuan uni.

    Hati-hati yah uni.. Selamat jalan.. 😦
    #dada da.. :mrgreen:

    1. memang asri mas…iya, rinduuu sangat sama kampung halaman…amiin..makasi doanya…ayoo mas, sekali2 jalan-jalan ke Sumatera Barat…

      insyaAllah hati2 di jalan…da da da da…maaf lahir dan bathin ya Mas..:-)

  2. Bad grammar, poor vocabs, who cares? just let your finger decide things to write and never put the creepy grammar things stop you. As long as you confident enough to have it published, the grammar things will improve as well.

    Btw, among the other cities/towns in west sumatera, I consider lubuak basuang as the spot I fairly visited 😉

    1. Correction? You need it? Everybody does, frankly speaking. We all need corrections.

      I think i can give one, and please take it as the souvenir from me, or perhaps consider it as my support for you to keep writing in this blog, and to write English post more frequent. Here’s the correction

      You should never put “to” after “modals”
      Modals: will/would, can/could, shall/should, may/might, must
      So, heres the wrong samples:
      I can to help you
      She would to ask
      I would to write :mrgreen:
      So, get rid of “to”, remove it from those sentences

      Anyway, happy blogging

    2. Huuft finally!! what a nice souvenir uda..this is the first correction that I have since this post published. Rite! I shouldn’t put “to” after modal but the problem is I thought that “would” is the past tense of “want”. What a foolish..hohohoooo…and now I remember I only need to add “-ed” after “want” to make it past tense..ckckckck…hahaa…thank a lot Udaaaa…:-D

      *I think I also need correction for this comment* 🙂 heheeee…

    3. I do agree..who cares? But writing something in English still make me think harder. Hehehee..

      Really uda?? Kampuang Da Yori dima? eh kok langsung berubah ka bahaso minang yo??haaahaha…

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